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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hazel Clark on Doping

Don't misred that headline. NBC interviewed her and she shared her thoughts about it.

An interesting point Clark makes which I had forgotten:
At (the 2001) National Championships, Regina Jacobs ran by me like I was standing still and she ran two races earlier in the day...I suspected something was not right from her behavior the year before. She bolted from the Olympics in Sydney with a cold when they announced they were testing for drugs through hair. I don't know many people that would miss the Olympics for a cold.
Three years later, of course, Jacobs was exposed as a client of BALCO. The Johnson brothers (of Let's Run fame) were on the trail of Jacobs and doping well before the truth came out.

Where I disagree with Clark is that agressive policing of doping singles out track & field. Cycling is becoming little more than a joke in the USA, baseball is getting its due, and sooner or later the NFL will feel the pain as well.

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