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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ruthless Chinese

Writing for the Summer Olympian, Jimmie Markham notes the ruthlessness of the Chinese government in stifling dissent leading up to the Olympics.

This is not good, but it is far from unusual. In terms of totalitarian governments, they don't measure up to the Soviets (who reportedly offed 62 million of their own citizens, 43 million by Stalin's orders alone), and no one holds a candle to the East Germans as far as domestic mind control goes. In terms of Olympic preparations, China has yet to pull off anything like the Tlatelolco Massacre, where just ten days before the '68 Olympics the Mexican government killed several hundred protesters and arrested many more.

But I doubt NBC News will be critical of the nation its sports division hopes to use to recoup a $3.5 billion investment. You know, "free" market and all that.

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