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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hayward Field renovations

The upgrade of the nation's premier track facility is nearly complete, with only the jewel in the crown remaining.
Designed by former UO track star Tinker Hatfield, who graduated from Oregon with a degree in architecture and now works for Nike Inc., the eight individual panels that make up the “videoboard” are scheduled to be installed today.
Once positioned and welded into place, the videoboard will rise five stories into the sky on the south end of the track. It was moved back and angled slightly from where the old scoreboard stood to better face the finish line.

The videoboard — built by Daktronics, a company based in South Dakota — will be supported by two lightning-yellow steel columns, with the screen measuring 30 feet long and 17 feet wide.
Runnerspace has video.

This is no Godzillatron -- it's downright puny compated to some Big 12 football scoreboards -- but if there's one thing a track fan is usually short on at a meet, it's useful information. I'd like to think the people at Oregon will know how to put this equipment to its best use.

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