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Friday, February 22, 2008

Cantwell Has Massive Series

Christian Cantwell just made this weekend's USATF men's shot final even more interesting. Today he competed at the Central Missouri Classic and put together what might be the best series in indoor shot-putting history.

His best put, 72' 9 1/4" is an indoor PR (but inferior to his outdoor best). So far as anyone can determine, he's the first ever to have all six puts at 70 or better in an indoor competition.

But I'm still going with Adam Nelson to win. Nelson has a history of coming up big in big meets and Cantwell does not.

In other news, part of Saturday's competition has been rescheduled. Very bad weather in the Boston area has made travel difficult. If you've got either Bershawn Jackson or Jen Toomey in the fantasy league, scratch 'em because they won't be there.

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Lorraine said...

I love your site.I think the shot putting was some of the most exciting viewing last week bar none.

Stop by the little guys at sometime : )