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Sunday, February 24, 2008

USATF Indoor Championships Recap

IAAF Recap


Less Than Our Best liveblog

My thoughts on the USATF Indoor Championships...

I knew Michael Rodgers was going to win the 60, because he's outrun all but Olusoji Fasuba this winter. But that's all I knew about him. Turns out he was last year's NAIA champ at Oklahoma Baptist.

My hope for a domestic rivalry in the men's 800 meters may come to pass. Just 0.01 separated Robinson & Symmonds today. Let's hope there are enough 800m races in the outdoor VISA series to build on this.

As Matt Taylor demonstrated in the last Runnerville Weekly, the Tyson coverage of the men's shot was shameful. Today they actually built some drama into the event--inarguably the toughest event to win in the entire meet.

Rob Myers still runs waaay too tight, but he ran just about a perfect race to win his second national title. Love to see an Ohio guy win!

This week's TV complaint: The USATF XC coverage looked very dull. I had a USATF party going on in my basement bar, so I couldn't always zero in on everything like usual, but it looked like a good time to go get another beer.

How did I do in the fantasy league? OK. I went from 50th t0 49th. Looks like my 9-for-13 at Tyson was a one-off success.

On to Valencia! It seems that WCSN's coverage is getting a bit more reliable, so I'm going to figure out how to hook my laptop up to my TV to watch the indoor worlds.

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