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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Millrose Games recap

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My thoughts on the 101st Millrose Games...

Event of the Meet: The Wanamaker Mile always gets the attention, but I thought the women's mile and the men's 600 yards were better races this year.

Performance of the Meet: Adam Nelson is back in a big way. He set a Madison Square Garden record; these days, you don't expect any kind of record in the shot.

Surprise of the Meet: Jen Stuczynski didn't win the pole vault, but that's not terribly strange. A 10k runner (Kara Goucher) running a mile for her first indoor race in seven years and coming up the winner off a kick? That's a surprise.

This Week's TV Complaint: OK, so they finally gave the shot put its due and showed many throws. They even gave us the running order on-screen. But why wait to do that until the final round? Why does Dwight Stones have to read us the standings out loud halfway through? And why wasn't Nelson's big distance show on-screen until the final results?

Can we get a lap counter for the 600y and further? Please?

On the plus side, it looks like Carol Lewis has been permanently kicked to the curb. About damn time.

How did I do in the fantasy league? Well, there can't be too many other people who correctly picked Kara Goucher to win the women's mile. But that's about all I got right. Also, I violated one of the cardinal rules of fantasy sports: always double-check on game day. Mary Wineburg didn't end up running the 600y and I got a big fat goose-egg in that race. I was 124th, now I'm...123rd.

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