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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Track & Field Podcasts

Last weekend my wife won an iPod in a drawing at a conference, and since she already has one she gave it to me. I'm not too much of a gadget guy, so I might not have ever gotten one on my own, but after only a few days I wonder how I got along without it.

Besides ripping all my drinking songs and Hound Dog Taylor CDs, I've been scouring the internet for track & field podcasts. The pickings are slim. The IAAF hasn't had a new audio file since last summer. Track & Field Radio appears to have gone the way of the dodo. The Final Sprint has quite a few podcasts, and they're OK.

By far the best I've heard comes to us from They have a weekly podcast, plus a less predictable Toni and Matt Show. Cohost of the latter is Toni Reavis, who is on just about every TV broadcast of track/XC/road running not done by the ESPN/NBC crew. The weekly show has some pretty big-name guests like Amby Burfoot, Weldon Johnson, and Chris Lear.

If you know of any other track/running-related podcasts, click on "comments" and post 'em.

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Daniel said...

Great post Jesse! I love listening to podcast on my training runs - esp the long, slow distance runs - it helps to evoke my inner trackie! haha

I agree the new podcasts for are GREAT! Matt Taylor always creates amazing track & field multimedia content (i.e. - chasing kimbia, chasing glory, etc.). Very professional and provocative stuff. The Matt and Tony Shows on Runnerville are my favorite of there 2, current podcast series.

I also really like podcasts. I have been a listener & subscriber for about the last 6 months, appreciate the high number of episodes published each month (8-12) and LOVE all of their big name interview guests (i.e. - ryan hall, alan webb, sanya richards, grete waitz, dean karnazes, jim ryun, bill rodgers, etc.) and really enjoy the in-depth, conversational style of the interviews. Some of my favorite episodes are the interviews with Josh Cox, the Gouchers, Sara Hall, Peter Gilmore, and especially all my heroes of running (i.e. - billy mills, lorraine moller, grete waitz, bill rodgers, ryun, liquori, switzer, williams, etc).

For the more amateur runners, I would also suggest trying out Pheddipidations Weekly Podcast for tips/motivation and Podrunner for music mixes.

Thanks again and keep on running because life is short and there are many more miles to run!

- Daniel