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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Runnerville on USATF Cross

I have to admit, Runnerville is the absolute best track blog out there, far superior to my own little corner of the series of tubes. Today Jeremy Mosher writes about the USATF XC Championships.
[W]hy are we going to San Diego this year? In any year? Now, I’m not necessarily advocating that we move this event to Eugene, Oregon for the next three decades; to be honest, I think if the race were held in Boulder every year, the initial nationwide buzz would probably ebb a bit over time.

But why not go on a tri- or quad-annual rotation that eases travel for runners in each part of the country every couple of years, awarding the event to communities and organizations who can give it the support it deserves, while allowing them to fine-tune the event as repeat hosts? I’d vote for a rotation of NYC/VCP, Boston/Franklin Park, Boulder/Whatever Golf Course That Was, and San Francisco/Golden Gate Park - great cities, historic courses, strong grass-roots support. Heck, maybe throw the Midwest a bone by having it in Cincinnati every 5th year - I hear they have fantastic chili and extremely tolerant law enforcement officials there.
That last line is classic.

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