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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arthur Lydiard Shoes

Every so often, a discussion on Let's Run shows the place hasn't totally jumped the shark.  A thread about Arthur Lydiard's "mass-market" shoes from the early 70s is doing that right now.  For example:
In about 1972 the Lydiard/Brutting shoes were the subject of an extensive and laudatory review in Runner's World. This was a bit of surprise to me, since at the time I was writing shoe reviews for the magazine, and had no advance notice of the article, which normally I would have expected....In the next month's issue it was revealed, in a full-page ad, that Bob Anderson, then the owner and publisher, had the exclusive distribution and sales rights for the shoes in North America. I wrote to Bob, suggesting that the juxtaposition of the article in one issue and the sales pitch in the next might be an ethical lapse; I never heard from Bob again, and was promptly dropped as a Contributing Editor.

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