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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Train Wreck of the Year Award

ESPN's Page 2 has the Most Absurd Sports Quotes of the Year. Down at #13:
"I truly believe that the reason I made the awful mistake and a few thereafter was because I didn't love myself enough to tell the truth."
Speaker: Disgraced sprinter Marion Jones
Context: Delivered on "Oprah" following Jones' six-month federal prison term for lying about doping.

I have to admit, it's the most absurd thing uttered about track & field not only in all of 2008 but in many a year.

She is a nominee for the 2008 Track & Field Train Wreck of the Year Award. Other finalists include Alan Webb, for the most rapid and complete downward spiral we've seen in at least a decade; Jeremy Wariner, for splitting with longtime coach Clyde Hart and losing important races for the first time in his career; Bruce Jenner, for falling so far as to become a reality TV freakshow; and Ivan Ukhov, for making the Lausanne high jump competition famous.

EDIT: After discussing online, Wariner gets removed from the list and the USA 4x100 fiasco gets added. I remember Wariner walking off the awards stand at the Oly Trials looking absolutely pissed while Michael Johnson tried to talk to him. I'd really like to know what went on there but I suppose we never will.

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