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Monday, December 15, 2008

RW's Most Embarrassing Moment story

Runner's World is trying to put together a "most embarrassing running moment" story--you know, the kind of cheap crap where a writer just trolls people's online responses to get his 1,000 or so words. Anyway, this kind of discussion, running or otherwise, mainly focuses on bodily functions, ill-fitting clothes, and pratfalls. Rarely do you get anything new. This one was good, though:
I was running along Fifth Ave. in NYC, lost in some tune on my Walkman (this was 1998), heading up to Central Park for a long run. I crossed a street and sort of noticed some orange cones in my peripheral vision, but they didn't really register until my next stride landed into a square of freshly poured sidewalk concrete. It was in slo-mo; in midair I remember seeing the faces of the construction workers saying "nooooo!" but it was too late. They were very nice: hosed off my feet and I was on my way.
I have a most-embarassing moment story and I'm not telling it. Suffice to say it's run-of-the-mill, but give the kids on my team a good guffaw.

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