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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anti-Doping News

Track fans, the word is schadenfreude. From Sports Illustrated's summary of the Dan Patrick Show:
MLB commissioner Bud Selig joined the show to discuss several issues facing Major League Baseball. Here are some of his takes:

-- Selig was upset that MLB gets ripped for the steroid problem while the NFL gets less coverage for it.

"Baseball is held to a higher and different standard," Selig said.

Selig pointed out the 1970s Steelers. They allegedly used steroids, but no one is calling to take away their trophies.

"Steroids were and are a societal problem. Not a baseball problem," Selig said.
Cry me a river. You ignored the problem just like Juan Antonio Samaranch did until it came up and bit you in the ass. Take it like a man.

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