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Friday, June 05, 2009

Random thoughts

I learned from the Rachel Maddow Show that our Secretary of Energy, Steven "I am a nerd" Chu, taught himself to pole vault when he was in high school in the 60s...

If track & field's TV coverage had a Bob Roll-type character, who would it be? I suppose it would require that we already had Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen. By this I mean a pair of consummate professionals in the limelight who allow the goofball to do his schtick on the side.

A lot of sports announcing teams include such a sideshow freak, but in most if not all cases they are also knowledgeable and insightful (Dick Vitale may be an exception). The NFL has used Tony Siragusa in this way, and Gary McCord has annoyed many a golf fan too. John Salley has parlayed a post-NBA career out of silliness. But without a doubt, the prototype for this type of personality, the guy who is more Bob Roll than Bob Roll, is Don Cherry. Someone who educates and enlightens while he entertains.

I dunno...Reese Hoffa when he retires? Jon Drummond? Both Roll and Cherry were hardly well-known during their pre-broadcasting days. There might be a good one out there right now that we aren't aware of.

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