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Saturday, June 13, 2009

World Rankings Update -- Men's Jumps

High Jump
1. Ivan Ukhov, RUS, 183
2. Jesse Williams, USA, 115
3. Andra Manson, USA, 69
4. Aleksey Dmitrik, RUS, 53.5
5. Linus Thörnblad, SWE, 47
6. Yaroslav Rybakov, RUS, 38
7. Aleksandr Shustov, RUS, 33.5
8. Raul Spank, GER, 31.5
9. Andrey Tereshin, RUS, 27
10. Jessé de Lima, BRA, 23
10. Tora Harris, USA, 23
Ukhov easily bested Williams on the American's home track at the Prefontaine Classic and remains well ahead of everyone else. If anyone is capable of knocking him off the top I think it might be Thörnblad, but not for months yet. Manson has been in a prolonged funk ever since his big PR at the Texas Relays.

Pole Vault
1. Steve Hooker, AUS, 182
2. Renaud Lavillenie, FRA, 50
3. Pavel Gerasimov, RUS, 49
4. Alexander Straub, GER, 40
4. Alhaji Jeng, SWE, 40
6. Romain Mesnil, FRA, 33
7. Jeremy Scott , USA, 32
8. Derek Miles, USA, 31.5
9. Evgeniy Lukyanenko, RUS, 30
10. Danny Ecker, GER, 18.5
The Pre Classic turned out to be a cluster***k as only three vaulters made a height. This event is strangely hard to find in World Athletics Tour meets. Aside from Hooker, no one has vaulted particularly high.

Long Jump
1. Dwight Phillips, USA, 145
2. Irving Saladino, PAN, 82
3. Sebastian Bayer, GER, 64
4. Salim Sdiri, FRA, 35
5. Yahya Berrabah, MAR, 33
6. Loúis Tsátoumas, GRE, 32
7. Fabrice Lapierre, AUS, 25
8. Nils Winter, GER, 20
9. Godfrey Khotso Mokoena, RSA , 19
10. Miguel Pate, USA, 18
I use wind/altitude adjustments for the long and triple jumps. They're crude, but they seem to describe what happens pretty well and often reveal some hidden information.

Phillips' big jump at the Prefontaine Classic was not only the longest low-altitude jump in eighteen years, it was made into a sizable headwind. In fact, only Carl Lewis has jumped further with any headwind at all. Phillips' mark is literally off my scoring charts. Saladino's second-place mark in the same meet is the second-highest scoring outdoor track performance of the year. It was quite a battle, and NBC didn't do it justice.

Triple Jump
1. Arnie David Girat, CUB, 158
2. Alexis Copello, CUB, 99
3. Yoandris Betanzos, CUB, 94
4. Teddy Tamgho, FRA, 66
5. Nelson Évora, POR, 61
6. Fabrizio Donato, ITA, 50
7. Phillips Idowu , GBR, 42
8. Osniel Tosca, CUB, 32
9. Igor Spasovkhodski, RUS, 27
10. Julien Kapek, FRA, 26
Girat has been quite active, with nine meet over the 17-meter mark. Idowu just began his season last week.

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