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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Your Morning Link-o-Rama

RW Daily News has all your Meb Keflezihi headlines.

The NY Times examines the "Meb isn't American" crap. Amazing how a few trolls can get into the pages of the old grey lady.

He's American enough to do Letterman's Top Ten list, though--Top Ten things that go through your mind when running the NYC Marathon. An above-average series of jokes, too.

Boston might be next for Meb. Reality check: the odds are against him winning, because any single athlete is always a long shot.

Usain Bolt is sponsoring an abandoned cheetah cub.

Today's sign of the apocalypse: The PGA has a doping positive. Speaking of doping, Shawn Crawford is now training with John Smith & the HSI group.

Non-track news, but couldn't pass it up: Colbert Nation is now the major sponsor of the US speedskating team, as announced on the Sport Report (pronouced "spore repore"). Seriously.

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