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Friday, November 06, 2009

Your Morning Link-o-Rama

RW Daily News runs down the major headlines -- including the sakcing of Athletics South Africa head Leonard Cheune over his lies in the Semenya affair.

Speaking of which, an South African athletes' meeting was halted due to the disruption of a number of drunk individuals.

Usain Bolt hasn't yet negotiated his Diamond League contract...and that's not good.

Apparently, Texas A&M's indoor facility wasn't built to code. It hosts the NCAA indoor championships. The Aggie AD responds.

I said I was done with this, but Brian Cazanueve's article on running nationality is very, very good.

A new book claims Juan Antonio Samaranch was a KGB agent. I wouldn't be surprised; he was a fascist under Franco.

Tyson Gay addresses US relay woes.

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