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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Your Morning Linkpedia

RW Daily News has all the headlines: USATF Hall of Fame inductees, the beginning of the IAAF cross country season, and the Boston Marathon is already filled up.

And then there's this one: Runner's World has gotten into a bit of a controversy over some fitness photos of Sarah Palin that ran on their website and subsequently went on the cover of Newsweek. Should RW have done things differently? Only in that they shouldn't have had anything to do with that woman. Dealing with her in any way brings unavoidable political theater, and if it's not what you want then steer well clear.

The IOC has finally stripped Rashid Ramzi of his Olympic gold medal.

Usain Bolt is now officially a sports superstar: he was in a "This is SportsCenter" commercial. In other news, he's throwing a big giant par-tay.

A proposed Comcast-Universal Sports merger may pave way for an Olympic channel.

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