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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

College Team Rankings, Week #2

A week ago I noted how the USTFCCCA's national rankings have no basis in actual competitive results, and as such don't hold a lot of meaning for the average sports fan. Case in point: Yesterday's new women's rankings put Texas A&M at #1, just three days after getting beaten rather handily by Oregon. No other sport would do that.

So I'm doing weekly team rankings. Rules: Results of scored meets are more important than computer rankings. Outdoor meets are more important than indoor meets. Recent meets are most important. If a team split its squad that's taken into consideration. All teams that score 30 or fewer points in a meet are considered tied for last (so only the first five places at the NCAA Indoor Championships hold meaning for these rankings).

The scored meets with ranked teams this week were the Pepsi Challenge, where Oregon beat Texas A&M, and The Big Meet, where Stanford beat Cal. Coming up this week are two big duals, UCLA at Oregon and Arkansas at Texas. The ACC Championships are also this week.
1. Florida
2. Oregon
3. Texas A&M
4. Arkansas
5. LSU
6. Oklahoma
8. Southern Cal
9. Nebraska
10. Stanford
11. Baylor
12. Texas Tech
13. Texas
14. BYU
15. Minnesota
16. California
17. Arizona State
18. South Carolina
19. Georgia
20. Florida State

The scored meets this week affecting the team rankings were the Pepsi Challenge, where Oregon beat Texas A&M, and The Big Meet, where Cal beat Stanford in the final event. The lone important scored meet coming up this week is the ACC Championships.
1. Oregon
2. Tennessee
3. Florida
4. LSU
5. Texas A&M
6. Arkansas
7. Penn State
8. Southern Cal
9. BYU
10. Arizona
11. Texas Tech
12. Arizona State
13. Minnesota
14. California
15. Stanford
16. Clemson
17. Florida State
18. UCLA
19. Washington State
20. Georgia

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