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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Marks, With a Twist

I've had a little bit of time to kill here and taken the best sprint, hurdle, and horizontal jump marks of the weekend and played around with them.

Using Dr. Jonas Mureika's online widget, I've tried to factor out the effects of wind and altitude. In the sprints I use his widget at face value, but trying to figure out the hurdles and especially the jumps can be a little tricky. Through a several-years-long trial and error period, I've settled on a conversion factor for those.

Take these with a grain of salt. Even with the 100 meters, where the research has been the deepest, there are other issues that it does not correct for. For example, the heavy rain during the 100 meters at the UTech Invitational in Jamaica does not appear to be a hindrance, as most people think, but actually an aid. And the hurdles and the jumps conversions get less reliable as the winds get more extreme.

Here they are...

M 100m
9.87 Nesta Carter (JAM)
9.91 Yohan Blake (JAM)
10.00 Ivory Williams
10.19 Jeff Demps (Fla)
10.20 Ahmad Rashaad (USC)
10.21 Keston Bledman (tri)
10.24 Darvis Patton
10.24 Maurice Mitchell
10.24 Alonso Edward (PAN)
10.24 Fred Rose
10.24 Samuel Francis (qat)

M 200m
20.41 Angelo Taylor
20.44 Maurice Mitchell
20.51 Fred Rose
20.59 Gavin Smellie (can)
20.65 Josh Scott
20.66 Rubin Williams
20.68 Greg Nixon
20.71 Michael DeHaven
20.73 Jared Connaughton (can)
20.76 Rondell Sorrillo (tri)

M 400m
44.81 Calvin Smith
44.90 Tyson Gay
45.17 Ben Offereins (AUS)
45.25 Tavaris Tate
45.31 Rondell Bartholomew (grn)
45.31 LaJerald Betters
45.35 Renny Quow (TRI)
45.38 Tony McQuay
45.41 Joey Hughes
45.52 Dwight Mullings (jam)

M 110H
13.25 David Oliver
13.43 John Yarbrough
13.43 Eric Mitchum
13.55 Drew Brunson
13.56 Andrew Riley
13.57 Ryan Fontenot
13.58 Jason Richardson
13.62 Shamar Sands (bah)
13.63 Dominique DeGrammont (hai)
13.68 Keiron Stewart (jam)

M 400H
48.42 Bershawn Jackson
49.15 Jeshua Anderson
50.30 Adrian Findlay (JAM)
50.49 Markino Buckley (JAM)
50.49 Reggie Wyatt
50.64 Brendan Cole (AUS)
50.65 Bayano Kamani (PAN)
50.67 Reuben McCoy
50.69 Tristan Thomas (AUS)
50.74 Joe Greene

8.49 Fabrice Lapierre (AUS)
8.20 Chris Noffke (AUS)
8.15 Irving Saladino (PAN)
8.09 Brian Johnson
7.97 Carlos Morgan (cay)
7.95 Alain Bailey (jam)
7.91 Luis Alberto Rivera (mex)
7.90 Norris Frederick
7.80 Tyrone Smith
7.74 Robbie Crowther (AUS)

16.63 Kenta Bell
16.62 Samyr Lane
16.59 Henry Frane (AUS)
16.57 Laurence Willis
16.56 Shamar Sands (BAH)
16.53 Kane Brigg (AUS)
16.37 Josh Como
16.23 Zacharias Arnos (cyp)
16.20 Brandon Roulhac

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