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Friday, April 09, 2010

Usain Bolt is...everywhere

Even before Usain Bolt announced he'll run the Penn Relays he was everywhere. He's profiled in this month's Esquire magazine. ESPN's Page 2 has a nice piece, too:

It made me think about the past dozen years or so, as Columbia Records started releasing a string of Miles Davis box sets, such as "Bitches Brew Sessions," "On The Corner Sessions," "Jack Johnson Sessions" -- all material recorded in 1970 or earlier. The thing is, the music was so advanced that folks still haven't caught up...

Bolt is like Miles. He's a sprinter from the future who traveled back to our time to run so fast it turns our brain into mush trying to comprehend an actual human blur.

...Imagine if "Avatar" was released the same week as "Star Wars" back in 1977. That's what we're talking here. Asafa Powell and all the other world-class sprinters are "Star Wars." Bolt is "Avatar."

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