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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drake Relays Preview

I'm psyched about Penn. I'm hosting a Penn Relays party in my basement sports bar on Saturday night, and planning a trip there next year. But as Dan Taylor says, Drake might actually be a better track meet.

Start lists aren't up yet, but here are the athletes I've seen in press releases who are scheduled to compete and ranked in my world top 20.

200m: Wallace Spearmon
400m: Renny Quow (TRI), Ramon Miller (BAH)
Mile: Bernard Lagat
110H: Eric Mitchum, Ryan Wilson, Joel Brown, Shamar Sands (BAH)
HJ: Jesse Williams, Andra Manson
PV: Derek Miles, Jeremy Scott
SP: Christian Cantwell, Reese Hoffa, Dan Taylor, Cory Martin
DT: Casey Malone

100H: Lolo Jones, Perdita Felicien (CAN)
HJ: Chaunte Howard Lowe, Levern Spencer, Nicole Forrester
DT: Stephanie Brown Trafton, Becky Breisch
JT: Kara Patterson
Hep: Diana Pickler


Martin said...

Another athlete that is likely in your top 20: Aretha Thurmond (

The Track & Field Superfan said...

Believe it or not, she's one point out of the top 20. I use a points-for-marks and points-for-place system that gets a little weird when you get really far down the list, especially early in the season. By Monday she'll probably be in the top 20 as Drake will be only the second important WDT competition of the year (after the Euro Winter Cup).