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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Superfan Rankings Update: Hurdles

110m Hurdles
The best marks of the early season have been made by David Oliver. #8 Payne, #9 Thomas and #20 Maurice Wignall will run in Kingston’s Jamaica International on Saturday. #5 Brathwaite will run in Baie Mahault on Saturday.
1. Dayron Robles
2. Terrence Trammell
3. David Oliver
4. Petr Svoboda
5. Ryan Brathwaite
6. Ronnie Ash
7. Dexter Faulk
8. David Payne
9. Dwight Thomas
10. Eric Mitchum

400m Hurdles
Bershawn Jackson and Javier Culson have run the fastest so far in 2010. #2 Clement, #3 Phillips and #6 McFarlane will race in Kingston on Saturday. #1 Culson will run in Baie Mahault on Saturday against veteran hurdler Felix Sanchez.
1. Javier Culson
2. Kerron Clement
3. Isa Phillips
4. L.J. van Zyl
5. Bershawn Jackson
6. Danny McFarlane
7. Johnny Dutch
8. Jehue Gordon
9. David Greene
10. Angelo Taylor

100m Hurdles
The early-season star has been Virginia Tech’s Queen Harrison, who has run some very good times to leave fields of quality collegiate runners far behind. Damu Cherry upset Lolo Jones last week at the Drake Relays. #5 Harper will face off against #10 Ennis-London on Kingston, while #2 Lopes-Schliep will open her outdoor season in Baie Mahault.
1. LoLo Jones
2. Priscilla Lopes-Schliep
3. Queen Harrison
4. Perdita Felicien
5. Dawn Harper
6. Brigitte Foster-Hylton
7. Damu Cherry
8. Ginnie Powell
9. Sally McLellan
10. Delloreen Ennis-London

400m Hurdles
No one has done much in this event yet in 2010.
1. Melaine Walker
2. Lashinda Demus
3. Josanne Lucas
4. Kaliese Spencer
5. Angela Morosanu
6. Natalya Antyukh
6. Tiffany Williams
8. Anna Jesien
8. Sheena Tosta
10. Queen Harrison

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