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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Justin Gatlin News

From the AP:
Sprinter Justin Gatlin received an eight-year ban from track and field Tuesday, avoiding a lifetime penalty in exchange for his cooperation with doping authorities and because an earlier positive drug test was deemed an honest mistake.
In a nutshell, Gatlin will not contest the validity of the tests, may not admit he knowingly or purposefully took PEDs, and likely will turn "supergrass" on Trevor Graham and help bust the coach and possibly the remainder of his training group.

ESPN's Eric Adelson notes the problems with trying to stamp out doping with our current system of penalization:
Cheaters have no incentive to talk. Not one. If they admit they took steroids, they lose everything they ever worked for. If they don't, maybe there's a chance of getting away with something.
I came up with a simple and workable system which would not add extra penalties for being honest, as the current system does. I do think it would work.

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