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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More Justin Gatlin News

Previously I asked "if a test exists which differentiates exogenous and endogenous testosterone, why do we bother with the other [T/E ratio] test anyway?"

Apparently, the answer is we don't always, and the T/E ratio test is increasingly being skipped over for the more complex one. Phil Hersh reports:
The urine sample analysis that found reigning Olympic 100-meter champion Justin Gatlin positive for the steroid testosterone did not follow the traditional path but went directly to the more sophisticated method of testing used in such cases, the Chicago Tribune has learned.

That procedure is becoming more common, even though the more advanced analysis costs up to $500 per test and is much more labor-intensive.
In Gatlin's case, the lab testing the urine sample taken from him April 22 at the Kansas Relays was asked to go immediately to CIR analysis.
The New York Times and L'Equipe are both reporting that Floyd Landis also got nailed with this CIR test. I feel like a fool for ever even thinking these two might have been innocent, but that's life I guess.

You also wonder why USATF doesn't start getting nasty with coaches. The AP lists Trevor Graham's athletes who have been suspended or probed, and it's a loooooong list. Athletes have both much to gain and much to lose by using PEDs, but under the current system coaches have much to gain and nothing to lose. I don't know how USATF could "ban" coaches since they do not compete themselves, but it's high time to do something about this.

In even more anti-doping news, Australia put in place a new national anti-doping body (ASADA) only five months ago, and already they're taking a tack that is absolutely necessary. Drug testing is only one small part of their operation; the rest is investigative. An article in The Australian tries to make their powers of observation look sinister, referrring to Big Brother, but while ASADA gets cooperative help from law enforcement its powers do not exceed the Five-O.
"Our guys are running around like crazy at the moment. Chasing down leads, knocking on doors, interviewing people, building networks of informants. People are coming forward giving us quality tips," [CEO Richard] Ings said.

"Of our budget we will spend 50 per cent in the area of detection. We can get an investigator on somebody's doorstep anywhere within 12 hours of receiving credible information."

Once ASADA has evidence, he has instructed his enforcement team they must extract the appropriate penalty. "Fight and win" is the motto he has commissioned for them. Later this month ASADA will present the results of its first investigation - the possible use of drugs in weightlifting.
Weightlifting? People say football, track and cycling are rife with drugs, but weightlifting is only one level below pro wrestling when it comes to drugs.

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