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Saturday, March 15, 2008

NCAA D-I, day 1

Trackshark and Track & Field News have dueling live blogs. Awesome. I think Tom Borish's is better, but it's not like you have to choose from one or the other.

I was attempting to keep track of changes in the team scores from the T&FN formchart predictions (i.e., Texas started w/ 33, lost 10 in the 800m, gained 6 in the PV, now predicted for 29). Here's what I've got now for the men:

LSU, 31
Fla State, 29
Texas, 29
Tennessee, 26
Arkansas, 25

At one point last night it looked like Arkansas had built a commanding lead, but then they cratered in the distance medley and came back to the pack.

It's also a bit more complex than it appears; Arkansas, Tennessee, and FSU were all projected for 0 points in the 60m but got an athlete to the finals. And LSU is slated for 18 points in that event, so they can't do better and could very easily do much worse.

On the women's side, it's a three-team meet.

LSU, 50
Ariz State, 49
Meechigan, 43

The team least equipped to exceed its projected score is Michigan. They're projected for 25 points today, but 20 of them come from winning the 800 and mile, and you can't do better than first. They'd need both a good day from Bettie Wade in the pentathlon AND some screwups from two other teams. Wade's subpar performance in the high jump yesterday has me thinking it's really only a two-team meet. Did you know that the no Big Ten team has ever won a national championship in women's track, be it indoor or outdoor, NCAA or AIAW?

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