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Thursday, March 13, 2008

NCAA Preview

We will have live video! Go to, click on the "webcast" tab, and view! Starts at 9:45 a.m. on Friday, 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. is the place to be for live internet coverage. He's got his own previews for men and women, which differ somewhat from Track & Field News' previews for the men and women.

A comparison of team score predictions...
1. Florida State - 43 (website incorrectly says 35)
2. Tennessee - 34
3. Texas - 28
4. LSU - 25
5. Stanford - 22

Track & Field News:
1. Texas - 33
2. Arkansas - 32
=3. Tennessee - 31
=3. LSU - 31
5. Florida State - 30

1. Arizona State - 52
2. LSU - 49
3. Michigan - 44
4. Texas A&M - 33
5. Stanford - 33

Track & Field News:
1. LSU - 50
2. Michigan - 47
3. Arizona State - 46
4. Texas A&M - 40
5. Kansas - 32

As you can see, nothing is etched in stone, and the race for the team title should be quite close on both sides of the meet.

There's only one thing I can add to these previews: a handy way to keep track of the scores. I've put together a Google spreadsheet with one sheet for each meet. Each team gets two columns: one with predicted score in each event typed in, and one left blank to record any change from that prediction.

For example: Trackshark has Bettie Wade penciled in to win the pentathlon, and score 6 points for Michigan. If, however, she took second, you would write in "+2" and adjust the Wolverine's predicted team total accordingly. In this way you can see how the results of any single event affect the final outcome, and at the end of the meet you have the actual team score.

Have fun with it; I also have sheets for the D-III meet made up mostly for myself. The only preview of that meet I've seen is on the Trackshark forums.

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