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Monday, March 17, 2008

Superfan Rankings, Men's Shot Put

The top ten men’s shot putters (best four meets)…

68, Christian Cantwell
50, Reese Hoffa
45, Adam Nelson
32, Scott Martin
28, Ryan Whiting
28, Tomasz Majewski
25, Rutger Smith (only 3 meets)
22, Russ Winger
21, Peter Sack
16, Andrei Mikhnevich (only 2 meets)

The competitions of note since the last update were the World Indoors, NCAA Indoors and the European Winter Throws. Ryan Whiting set a collegiate indoor record at the NCAA meet; his marks suggest he has a fighting chance to make the Olympic team, which would automatically make him a medal favorite. At the Euro competition, Rutger Smith won in the absence of Majewski, Sack and Mikhnevich.

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