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Friday, March 21, 2008

Superfan Rankings, Men's High Jump

As with all the events at this point, only each athlete's best four meets are totaled.

56.5, Yaroslav Rybakov
56, Stefan Holm
44.5, Andrey Silnov
42, Ivan Ukhov
28, Jesse Williams
26, Linus Thörnblad
25, Andra Manson
23, Kyriakos Ioannou
20, Aleksei Dmitrik
20, Dusty Jonas

Since the last update, the only competitions which made a difference were the World and NCAA indoor championships. While Holm won the World Indoor over Rybakov, the Russian has more big marks than the Swede and won arguably the toughest competition of the year, the Russian Championships. I expect a great back-and-forth battle between these two all season long.

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