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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Worlds Day 2 Recap


IAAF recap
USATF recap

My thoughts on the second day of the IAAF World Indoor Championships...

Story of the day: Hurdle foulups. Dayron Robles was the indoor Athlete of the Year coming into this meet, while Susanna Kallur had broken a seemingly untouchable World Record. Neither made their final. Robles made a bonehead mistake; Kallur was injured in warmups.

Event of the day: Women's triple jump, where Yargelis Sevigne and Piyi Devetzi went back and forth with indoor PRs. Sevigne won the competition on her final attempt. Runner-up might be the men's long jump. Too bad we didn't get to see a single attempt of either one on Versus.

Men's high jump: Holm vs. Rybakov, chapter 172. This time the Swede came out on top.

Women's 3000 meters
: Meseret Defar sprints away from the field. What, you expected something else?

Men's 1500 meters: The news will be that first Deresse Mekkonen won, then he was DQ'd for stepping over the rail, and then he was reinstated. The real development here is the Ethiopian win, against the best Kenya could put on the line. Ethiopia has never been able to expand on their success at 3k and further...until now. This is the turning point. Gold medals may not come this year, but they will be coming and it won't be that long.

Men's 60m Hurdles: In the absence of Robles, Liu Xiang's victory was all but assured. Yawn. Allen Johnson's run was brilliant and he deserves all the attention. He won't win in Beijing, but a medal is within his grasp.

Women's 60m Hurdles: Whether Lolo Jones would have won if not for the injury to Kallur plus Onyia's crash-and-burn is impossible to say, but it sure did make it easier.

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