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Sunday, March 30, 2008

World Cross Country Recap

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Ethiopia sweeps all four individual titles, with (Kenenisa) Bekele and (Turinesh) Dibaba taking the open titles. Hardly a surprise there. The surprise was Kenya pulling off victories in both junior and senior men's races. Considering the rough patch the Rift Valley has gone through as of late, this has to be one of the most meaningful victories in the 45-year history of the nation.

My personal dark horse pick in the women's race, Gelete Burka, went out too fast and lost a medal in the last 200 meters. Bigmouth Buster Mottram not only didn't win, he didn't even beat Jorge Torres.

On the domestic front, there will be the usual amount of self-flagellation for middling American results. Save that vitriol and direct it at WCSN, who promised to show the meet to their $50-a-year subscribers but crapped out. As one T&FN board member wrote, "I hate WCSN! I feel raped. Did i mention they suck?"

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