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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bill Simmons on Bruce Jenner

ESPN's Sports Guy does a mailbag shtick every so often. In the most recent:

Q: Do you think if someone told Bruce Jenner in 1976 that he'd spend his golden years trying to steer the misguided children of a lawyer who successfully defended O.J. Simpson from charges of killing his own wife, or that his son would introduce the world to the concept of a "bromance," he would have thrown his discus or javelin off to the side and taken the silver medal in the decathlon?
-- Ben S., Lexington, Mass.

SG: And you left out the fact that he now looks like a female librarian. I just don't think he would have believed you in 1976 -- he thought he was going to be a movie star and the biggest endorsement celeb in the world. It couldn't have turned out worse. It's impossible.

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