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Saturday, March 28, 2009


From ESPN:
You know Twitter, the train-of-thought status message broadcast tool that is fascinating or pointless, (or both). Either way, it's a stream of information, buyer beware. Think of Twackle this way: Where a serious Twitter user might utilize the desktop application TweetDeck to keep an easier, more efficient track of replies and follower updates, Twackle serves the same purpose for a sports fan. It filters the insurmountable amounts of not just general tweets, but of sports-related tweets from fan, leagues, sports, team or athletes and aggregates them into more easily digestible categories via feeds.
Users can also tweet and respond to other users via Twackle, and they'll see their updates go straight to their Twitter account.
"You have this broad range of sports content (on Twitter)," says Octagon Digital CEO Jim DeLorenzo. "One, we wanted to help people be able to find it. And two, once they found it, help them manage it in a better way."
Yes, they have a track & field aggregator!

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