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Monday, March 23, 2009

World Rankings Update

My posting has been sporadic as of late due to a number of issues. My school computer is on the fritz, and our girls' basketball team made a highly-charged first-ever trip to the state final four (got to the finals, lost to the 3-time defending champs). But also I've been tweaking my World Rankings system to get it just right.

I've got it ready to go for the men (the women will take some more work). So a quick update through the end of the indoor season...

60 meters
Dwain Chambers, GBR, 113
Jacoby Ford, USA, 62
Mark Jelks, USA, 49

200 meters
Ivory Williams, USA, 21
Trey Harts, USA, 19
Mike Rodgers, USA, 18

400 meters
Johan Wissman, SWE, 28
Greg Nixon, USA, 27
Tyler Christopher, CAN, 21

800 meters
Ismail Ahmed Ismail, SUD, 80
Yuriy Borzakovskiy, RUS, 61
Wilfred Bungei, KEN, 56

1500 meters / Mile
Haron Keitany, KEN, 107
Bernard Lagat, USA, 96
Mehdi Baala, FRA, 83

3000-5000 meters
Abreham Cherkos, ETH, 154
Paul Kipsiele Koech, KEN, 148
Mo Farah, GBR, 132

5000-10,000 meters
Sammy Kitawara, KEN, 116
Abreham Cherkos, KEN, 104
Wilson Kipsang, KEN, 102

60m Hurdles
Terrence Trammell, USA, 79
Shamar Sands, BAH, 61
Dexter Faulk, USA, 55

Road Racing (off-track races from 10 to 30 km)
Deriba Merga, ETH, 201
Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich, KEN, 194
Wilson Chebet, KEN, 163

Tsegay Kebede, ETH, 128
Haile Gebrselassie, ETH, 108
Samuel Muturi Mugo, KEN, 54

20km Walk
Valeriy Borchin, RUS, 126
Jared Talent, AUS, 111
Aleksandr Yargunkin, RUS, 84

50km Walk
Francisco Javier Fernández, ESP, 112
Trond Nymark, NOR, 108
Jesús Sánchez, MEX, 72

High Jump
Ivan Ukhov, RUS, 172
Jesse Williams, USA, 86
Andra Manson, USA, 49

Pole Vault
Steve Hooker, AUS, 184
Pavel Gerasimov, RUS, 52
Renaud Lavillenie, FRA, 43

Long Jump
Sebastian Bayer, GER, 64
Marcin Starzak, POL, 22
Mitchell Watt, AUS, 22

Triple Jump
Teddy Tamgho, FRA, 66
Fabrizio Donato, ITA, 51
Arnie David Girat, CUB, 38

Shot Put
Christian Cantwell, USA, 47
Tomas Majewski, POL, 31
Adam Nelson, USA, 21

Mikk Pahapill, EST, 114
Ashton Eaton, USA, 90
Oleksiy Kasyanov, UKR, 78

Overall leaders
Deriba Merga, Road, 201
Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich, Road, 194
Steve Hooker, PV, 184
Ivan Ukhov, HJ, 172
Wilson Chebet, Road, 163
Abreham Cherkos, 3k-5k, 154
Paul Kipsiele Koech, 3k-5k, 148
Tsegay Kebede, Marathon, 128
Valeriy Borchin, 20kW, 126
Sammy Kitawara, 5k-10k, 116

Road warriors are high on the overall list because their season started earlier than that of track & field--and it ends sooner, too. So don't expect them to stay atop the heap beyond about June.

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