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Monday, March 02, 2009

Six at Eleven

Runner's World Daily News gets the rundown on all the weekend action – USATF indoor, conference meets, and major road action.


The IAAF revealed plans to replace the Golden League with a new 12-meet Diamond League.  Personally, I'd prefer a Plutonium League.  The major change: stars will be signed to a series contract and required to compete a minimum number of times, and all events will have equal chance at the overall jackpots.  Two of the twelve meets will be in the USA!


The Chicago Marathon's major sponsor, Bank of America, appears to be staying on board, even as the bank inches towards nationalization.


WADA Prez John Fahey called on Spanish courts to release evidence related to its doping investigation known as Operation Puerto.  We don't know if distance runners are involved but it's quite possible.


Commuters at Virgin airlines domestic terminal in Sydney were inconvenienced over the weekend when the downwards escalator was jammed for 45 minutes by Olympic gold medalist Steve Hooker's bag of vaulting poles.

Usain Bolt ran two relay legs over the weekend in Jamaica.


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oasis44 said...

Is the Golden League going to be televised in the U.S. this year? I haven't seen anything about it yet.