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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Who is Sebastian Bayer?

He's a German long jumper who added 21 inches to his PR this morning.

At the European Indoor Championships, he jumped 28'6¾" (8.71 meters). The only men who have jumped further (non wind- or altitude-aided) are Mike Powell, Carl Lewis, Larry Myricks and Irving Saladino. In terms of indoor jumps, it's #2 behind Lewis' 25-year-old world record.

YouTube has the video.

The weird thing is that until today he had not been a long jumper to pay any attention to. PRs of this size aren't unheard of; Bob Beamon had a famous big one, but he'd already stamped himself as the gold-medal favorite going into the '68 Olympics, and had the best wind, altitude, barometric pressure, humidity and latitude possible for his big jump. Bayer had an indoor jump at normal altitude (240 meters / 800 feet).

You simply cannot jump this far on a fluke. Maybe if you've got a hurricane at your back, but this was indoors. Very strange.

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