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Monday, March 09, 2009

More on Sebastian Bayer

Yesterday I wrote about Bayer's bizarrely long jump.  It is not possible to get lucky on an indoor long jump, as a jumper is an airborne projectile and physics clearly defines such motion--and there is no tailwind available indoors.  The altitude of some 800 feet is not a factor, and video clearly shows it was a huge jump and mismeasurement is unlikely.  And remember, this is a 26-foot jumper who suddenly went mid-28.  Definitely something weird going on.
Eldrick at the T&FN boards has come up with an explanation:
this is a newly layed surface ( was the OG skating rink for '06 ) & i can only think there musta been some odd uneven parts on run-up & perhaps some very, very hard surface a little behind board ( a litle like explanation for kajsa's 2.08iwr a coupla years ago )

allowable hardness is 65%, but if that little area was 67% or 68% hardness, then you are talking

~ an 8.71*65/67 or 8.71*65/68 = 8.33 - 8.45 jump on usual hardness
Mismeasurement is also theoretically possible, but you'd think they'd be very careful on such a giant mark.  In any case, I'm not going to pick this guy in any fantasy leagues until I him jump well somewhere else.

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multi_io said...

So you mean that at 100% "hardness" (whatever that is), even I would jump 8 meters and Bayer would jump -- let's see -- 100/68*8.71m = 12.80 meters? Man, I guess we'll new health regulation to forbid too hard pavements on which average Joes would hurt themselves after accidentally jumping 5 meters while running for the bus.