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Friday, May 08, 2009

World Rankings Update - Hurdles

After today's Doha Super Grand Prix meet, the short hurdle rankings have taken a new shape. The 400 hurdle rankings will have next to no meaning for a week or so, thus their absence today.

110m Hurdles
1. David Oliver, USA, 84
2. Terrence Trammell, USA, 45
3. Joel Brown, USA, 33
4. Antwon Hicks, USA, 27
5. Dexter Faulk, USA, 26
6. Shamar Sands, BAH, 20
7. Evgeniy Borisov, RUS, 18
8. Ryan Brathwaite, BAR, 15
9. Ryan Wilson, USA, 14
10. Andrew Turner, GBR, 12
10. Gregory Sedoc, NED, 12
Oliver has three solid outdoor races under his belt, all of them wins; his time in Doha today was the best mark of the year. Trammell won his outdoor opener last weekend in Baie Mahault in a lesser time. Brown, fourth today, also has a pair of seconds in early Australian meets. Hicks, the winner last week in Kingston, was second today.

100m Hurdles
1. Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, CAN, 34
2. LoLo Jones, USA, 28
3. Sally McLellan, AUS, 24
4. Damu Cherry, USA, 20
5. Danielle Carruthers, USA, 16
6. Lacena Golding-Clarke, JAM, 11
7. Yvette Lewis, USA, 11
8. Perdita Felicien, CAN, 10
9. Jenny Adams, USA, 10
10. Brigitte Foster-Hylton, JAM, 7
Lopes-Schliep was only fourth in her outdoor opener in Baie Mahault last week, but won today in a PR, and that's enough to put her at the top. Jones is ranked solely on her indoor season--and after her Drake Relays injury, it may stay that way for a while. Aussie McLellan dominated the Down Under portion of the World Athletics Tour. Cherry and Carruthers, first and second last week in Baie Mahault, were second and third today, followed by Golding-Clarke.

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