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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anti-Doping News

The IOC went back and retested samples from Beijing for CERA last year after a test became available. The results are finally in.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) have confirmed on their offical Web site that further analysis of samples taken from the Beijing Games have revealed that six athletes tested positive for blood-boosting hormone CERA.
And not too long after this was revealed, a leak came out.
A person familiar with a new round of drug tests from the Beijing Olympics says two medalists were among six athletes who turned up positive when their blood samples were rechecked.

The person tells The Associated Press the tests nabbed three track and field athletes, two cyclists and one weightlifter.

The person also says one of the track and field athletes is a male gold medalist.
(emphasis added)
You never know how long you'll have to wait before it becomes public. The most likely? Valery Borchin, Russian racewalker. The most talked-about? Rashid Ramzi, secretive Qatari middle-distance runner.

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