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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

World Rankings Update - Sprints

A recent post at US Distance Runner laments, among other things, the lack of a meaningful world rankings system. Hey folks, I'm right here!

These are very early, which makes them a bit less than fully meaningful. Also, outdoor sprinting is quite different from its indoor cousin, so there's little carryover from the undercover campaign here. So I'm only listing the top five in each event.

100 meters
1. Dwain Chambers, GBR, 41
2. Daniel Bailey, ANT, 28
3. Jacoby Ford, USA/Clemson, 23
4. Walter Dix, USA, 21
4. Ivory Williams, USA, 21
On Saturday Dix posted the best mark of the season, a 10.00 into a headwind (worth 9.93 in still air). That might be the last we see of him for a while because he's got contract problems.

200 meters
1. Ivory Williams, USA, 16
2. Mike Rodgers, USA, 15
3. Aaron Rouge-Serret, AUS, 13
4. Trey Harts, USA/Baylor, 11
5. Xavier Carter, USA, 10
No one has done squat outdoors yet.

400 meters
1. Sean Wroe, AUS, 27
2. Gil Roberts USA/Texas Tech, 13
3. Greg Nixon, USA, 12
4. Michael Bingham, USA, 11
5. Kurt Mulcahy, AUS, 8
5. John Steffensen, AUS, 8
Sean Wroe has posted the only outdoor times of note, during the down-under portion of the IAAF World Tour.

100 meters
1. Sally McLellan, AUS, 21
2. Porscha Lucas, USA/Texas A&M, 20
3. Murielle Ahoure, USA/Miami (FL), 17
4. Carmelita Jeter, USA, 14
5. Bianca Knight, USA, 10
Hurdler McLellan has concentrated on the 100 meters in the early season.

200 meters
1. Porscha Lucas, USA/Texas A&M, 20
2. Murielle Ahoure, USA/Miami (FL), 17
3. Shericka Williams, JAM, 16
4. Carmelita Jeter, USA, 14
5. Bianca Knight, USA, 10
Jeter ran a world-leading 22.59 over the weekend, which is worth 22.60 with wind & altitude adjustments.

400 meters
1. Antonina Krivoshapka, RUS 34
2. Tamsyn Lewis, AUS, 15
3. Monique Williams, NZL, 7
4. Melaine Walker, JAM, 6
5. Shalonda Solomon, USA, 5
5. Madelein Pape, AUS, 5

1 comment:

Reddy said...

Interesting. I'm puzzled by how the athletes are ranked since Dwain Chambers so far as I know has not competed in any 100m races for 2009 so I am surprised to see him at the top of the rankings whereas Dix with the fastest time of 10.0 this year is at #4. And why would Daniel Bailey appear on the list but not Usain Bolt since they both ran a 9.93 (wind aided) this year at the same meet. Hmmmm.