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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bill Simmons on Boston

ESPN's Sports Guy wrote an "Idiot's Guide to the Boston Marathon" a few years ago. Check it out.

As usual for him, it's hilarious and spot-on. My favorite portion of the column is about his "tiers" of runners -- first is the foreign pros, second is the American pros (Here come the white guys!), third is the elite amateur men and pro women, fourth is average guys in superb shape (the guys in college that A) hit on your girlfriend when you were away for the weekend, B) rowed crew, and C) drove Miatas), fifth is the break-3:30 group (Really, really hot, scantily-clad chicks in superb shape. God bless the invention of the jogging's probably the only time you can openly goggle women without their "Somebody's checking me out" radar kicking in.).

But the last is his favorite group to watch.
Now we've entered the "freak" portion of the race: People trying to finish in four hours or less, running alongside college kids carrying fraternity flags, transvestites, people dressed in Viking garb and wackos wearing Larry Bird jerseys or multi-colored afros. There are some strange people out there.
There's more, it's great.

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