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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

World Rankings Update

I've been delinquent in posting my World Rankings for two reasons.  Most events haven't had enough competition for them to be terribly meaningful.  But also I've been rejiggering the system to make it better.
One event area where the rankings are very meaningful right now is road racing, which I define as road races of 10 to 30 kilometers plus any track events of more than 10k (such as the one-hour run).  The first day of the season in my system is the day after the World Raod Running Championships in October, so these guys have a good six months of results to work with.
1. Deriba Merga, ETH, 201
2. Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich, KEN, 194
3. Patrick Makau, KEN, 175
4. Wilson Chebet, KEN, 163
5. Sammy Kitwara, KEN, 128
6. Martin Lel, KEN, 111
7. Samuel Kosgei, KEN, 102
8. Jaouad Gharib, MAR, 96
9. Robert K Cheruyiot, KEN, 81
10. Gideon Ngatunyi, KEN, 75
10. Silas Kipruto, KEN, 75
27. Anthony Famiglietti, USA, 30
Merga won the Delhi half marathon and was third at the Ras Al Kaimah half, and in between he earned some bonus points for a fast time at the Fukuoka Marathon.  Kiprotich has no wins but a pile of seconds and thirds with fast times.  Makau has only one race, a win at Ras Al Kaimah.
1. Aselefech Mergia, ETH, 163
2. Vivian Cheruiyot, KEN, 140
3. Dire Tune, ETH, 140
4. Kara Goucher, USA, 130
5. Peninah Arusei, KEN, 117
6. Mestawat Tufa, ETH, 111
7. Philes Ongori, KEN, 104
8. Jane Kiptoo, KEN, 102
9. Abebu Gelan, ETH, 88.5
10. Alice Timilili, KEN, 84
10. Julia Mumbi Muraga, KEN, 84
Mergia has a win in Delhi and a runner-up at Ras Al Kaimah.  Cheruiyot won the Worlds' Best 10k in San Juan and some bonus points for a pretty good indoor 3k time.  Tune won the Ras Al Kaimah race and was third in San Juan, while Goucher won the Lisbon half marathon and earned some bonus points from her great 3k race at the Boston Indoor Games.

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