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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lausanne Super Grand Prix

In terms of the fantasy league, the meet went with a first a two seconds for the men versus two firsts for the women. However, due to the fact that only the best five results from the World Athletics Tour count for each athlete, the men only gain two points on the women.

That is not the big news, however. Liu Xiang is no longer a co-world record holder in the 110m hurdles, as he ran a stunning 12.88 for a new record. Dominique Arnold was also under the old record, at 12.90, and was essentially even off the last hurdle.

Xavier Carter was a late entry in the 200 meters and got stuck out in lane 8. He hadn't run since his historic four-win weekend at the NCAA championships. Bad start, OK turn, dynamite last 50, ran 19.63, the second-fastest ever. This race was the first ever with four men under 20.00.

Those are just the headlines, though. A fantastic meet.

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