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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Skeets Weighs In On New Hurdle World Record

The man who single-handedly took the WR from 13.21 down to 12.93 tells the IAAF's Chris Turner "it's about time".
“I was running 12.91 wind assisted 27-years-ago, and it is only yesterday that the (wind legal) record has gone below that….The Hurdles are more forgiving these days, so you can really hit them during a race, even run through them. Back then (1980s) they were solid wood (cross bars) and you dared not hit one as it would break your ankle open.”

He explains why Liu has an advantage over the Americans:
“He is technically sound. His basic flat speed is not as good as the other guys which means that he can race the hurdles at his top speed without fear of going too fast. He is able to relax, not worrying about going too fast, and can just concentrate on his technique, clearing the hurdles low.”
“Xiang’s body is phenomenally flexible. You have to be to be able to react to the hurdle." His flexibility is such that "he must be able to do a Russian split, and as I understand he has a good gymnastic base to his fitness, which is what I had too.”
Edit: There's quite an argument going on over at the T&FN boards about whether Nehemiah is full of crap or not.

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