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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The latest from Sports Illustrated

Tim Layden posts his rundown on the international season so far. Little if any of it is news to regular Superfan readers.

The most interesting portion is right at the beginning, about Marion Jones.
I refuse to climb on the Marion Jones bandwagon, and not just because she hasn't spoken to me since 1998. (The erstwhile Mrs. Jones and her then husband C.J. Hunter despised the warts-and-all feature I wrote back then, about 34 controversies ago, and cut me off. This sort of thing happens when you write accuracies, which were very mild compared with what has been said in the ensuing years.)
Someone who works for Sports Illustrated has no worries about kissing athlete ass in order to still have things to write about. This does, however, clearly demonstrate the shortcomings in a publication such as Track & Field News. Whether you believe they need to keep their journalistic access, or are just writing track's version of Tiger Beat, they never write a disparaging word about any US athletes. Thank goodness and Al Gore for the internet.

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