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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Ohio State News

An Ohio State University presented its new women's head track coach this morning. As generally predicted, it was assistant coach Karen Dennis. I went to one of her clinic presentations once, and I wasn't super-impressed, although it's very easy for a good coach to look bad in those kinds of settings. On the other hand, her teams' accomplishments while she was head coach at UNLV ('92-'02) and Michigan State ('81-'91) were very average.

So the Buckeye leadership took a look around and the best they could find were the assistants already in place. While Robert Gary has been noted for taking a truly awful distance program and making it competitive on the Big Ten level, this still does not bode well for the track programs. When leadership truly cares about a program, they make a high-level national search. When they don't, they bump people up the line.

The giant will slumber on.

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