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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A thought to ponder

Let's suppose Justin Gatlin admits his guilt in using exogenous testosterone. And let's suppose he does what most of us would consider ethical and explains to the anti-doping authorities the details of his use; how, when, and so on, probably beginning shortly after his joining the Sprint Capitol training group. (And we'll also have to ignore his previous positive test which was mixed up with a drug he used most of his life to combat ADD.)

What would happen? He still gets a two-year ban, plus his results would be canceled back to the beginning of his admitted doping. This is exactly what happened to Kelli White; she had three years of results canceled along with a two-year ban, a total penalty of five years. Why, exactly, are those who help the anti-doping authorities getting a larger penalty than those who deny, deny, deny?

Just wondering.

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