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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 4 Review

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My thoughts on the fourth day of the World Championships...

Why, oh why can we never get an on-screen version of the chart in the high jump and pole vault? And why is it that the conventional wisdom states an eight-minute race is too long to hold attention, but ten minutes of jaw-flapping prior to a hurdle final is OK?

Event-by-event reactions...

Women's Pole Vault: Isi wins as expected. For it starting so promising, Stuczynski is having a very difficult year.

Men's Discus Throw: Shocker! Alekna bombs! I suppose it had to happen sometime, but why now? (If you couldn't guess, he was my one of fantasy league team captains.)

Women's 100H semis: Perry and Kallur, the summer season's two leading hurdlers, won the two semis with Perry's performance making her a heavy favorite.

Men's 200m quarters: Bolt looked very good. Gay looked great.

Men's Steeplechase: Kenyan sweep. Hardly a surprise, except that the favorite ended up second.

Women's Long Jump: Russian sweep. The same.

Women's 800 meters: The French would use the term "s'imposer" to describe Jepkosgei's semi and final: she imposed herself on the competition. Benhassi ran a smart race for second.

Women's 400H semis: Rawlinson on Nosova won their semis with the two best times, which is what you'd expect. Somewhat of a surprise was Jesien winning her semi in the next best time. Need a Pole for the fantasy league?

Men's 400H finals: Clement has been known for tremendous potential and inconsistency. The word potential implies opportunities unfulfilled. I'd still call him inconsistent--this was his only win of the year so far--but for once you can definitely say he lived up to his abilities.

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