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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fantasy Leagues

My fantasy football team just did our online draft for the upcoming season. While waiting for it to get started, I fiddled with my IAAF fantasy team.

If you don't know what's going on, here's the contest in a nutshell. You pick 20 athletes (ten men, ten women) from any events and one team in each relay and get points from their place (best single result from athletes who double). You name one male and one female as "team captains" and their points are doubled. The kicker? The athletes have to be from 20 different countries, the relays from four different countries.

You can drop an athlete and replace him/her once per day. You do not retain points from dropped athletes, and your replacement's points can only come after you pick them up.

The IAAF is giving out a free trip to a World Athletics Tour event to the overall winner. You can also set up "buddy leagues" for fun just like thousands of Americans do with NFL fantasy leagues.

The way the contest is set up, it pays off to know what the schedule is and notice someone who looks like a potential winner. For example, I dropped Rutger Smith after his fourth-place finish in the shot and replaced him with Felix Sanchez. I don't think Derrick Atkins has any real chance of winning the 100, but if someone breaks down he might get a silver. Otherwise, he's on the trashheap tommorrow in favor of someone else, like maybe Rashid Ramzi.

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Robert said...

Wasn't aware of 'IAAF Fantasy'. We had 'fantasy league' for track back in 1962! Kept it up for 4 yrs. Criteria was eligibility for NCAA Meet; T&FN was the final word. Each meet weighted differently with NCAA weighted the most. And we never even thought about money!!! A bunch of college kids who loved track! Bob Danville, CA