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Friday, August 24, 2007

Sports and Global Warming

Dave Ungrady at WCSN recently reported that the 2012 London Olympic organizers plan to make their games the most environmentally friendly in history. While that's not a particularly high hurdle to get over, it appears that it's not mere rhetoric but a dedicated effort; organizers are working with the World Wildlife Fund to get it done. This decision, first made two years ago, spurred the IAAF into creating its Green Project. The real leader in all of this was Germany's Green Goal, part of the 2006 World Cup.

Contrast this with next year's Olympics in Beijing, which just might be the dirtiest in history. According to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, China has now become the world's leader in CO2 production.

I don't think I need to stress the importance of actually doing something. Even in the US, we've reached the tipping point in public opinion; a local car-dealer commercial series noted for making fun of politicians now lampoons Bush's refusal to admit that humans are the cause of global warming.

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