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Thursday, August 02, 2007

The men's 100 meter world list

I know what you're thinking. The IAAF keeps it here. And it's the official world list, but if you're trying to compare performances it's less than ideal.

Wind speed and altitude can have tremendous effects on 100-meter times. This nifty widget can factor those out and give an roughly equivalent time run at sea level and in still air. Here's what I've come up with: (adjusted time, actual time, athlete, site/date):

9.82 (9.84) Tyson Gay Indianapolis, Jun-22
9.86 (9.76w) Tyson Gay New York, Jun-2
9.90 (9.79w) Tyson Gay Carson, May-20
9.91 (9.97) Tyson Gay Indianapolis, Jun-22
9.92 (9.90) Asafa Powell Rome, Jul-13
9.93 (9.83w) Derrick Atkins New York, Jun-2
9.93 (9.93) Walter Dix Sacramento, Jun-8
9.96 (9.95) Derrick Atkins Athens, Jul-2
9.97 (10.02) Tyson Gay London, Aug-3
9.99 (9.94) Asafa Powell Oslo, Jun-15
9.99 (10.00) Derrick Atkins Paris, Jul-6
10.00 (9.97) Asafa Powell Beograd, May-29
10.00 (10.02) Mickey Grimes Atlanta, Jun-2
10.01 (9.88w) Darrel Brown Port-of-Spain, Jun-23
10.02 (10.06) Walter Dix Gainesville, May-25
10.03 (10.09) Leonard Scott Indianapolis, Jun-22
10.04 (10.02) Derrick Atkins Rome, Jul-13
10.05 (10.05) Walter Dix Gainesville, May-25
10.05 (10.07) Trindon Holliday Columbia, May-26
10.06 (10.06) Trindon Holliday Sacramento, Jun-8
10.06 (10.09) Walter Dix Indianapolis, Jun-22
10.06 (10.06) Churandy Martina Rio, Jun-23
10.06 (10.04) Derrick Atkins Lausanne, Jul-10
10.06 (10.03) Usain Bolt Rethimno, Jul-18
10.06 (9.96w) Shawn Crawford New York, Jun-2

This makes it pretty apparent who's the best. Gay is much better than everyone else; Powell is next, followed closely by Atkins (Dix has ended his season). Averaging their best three marks, you get 9.86 for Gay, 9.96 for Atkins, and 9.97 for Powell. Gay and Powell are undefeated this year; Atkins has lost only to these two.

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